Reconditioned Aircon Maintenance Tips for Longevity

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A reconditioned air conditioner is an excellent option for homeowners who want dependable cooling without having to pay a premium for a brand-new system. Like any other air conditioning system, recon air conditioners need routine maintenance to guarantee maximum longevity and effectiveness. This post will provide some crucial upkeep advice to assist homeowners in extending the life of their AC air conditioner and maintaining trouble-free operation for many years to come.

Frequent Cleaning and Filter Replacement

Recon air conditioner maintenance includes routine cleaning and filter replacement, which are some of the most crucial duties. The unit’s evaporator coils, condenser coils, and filters can get clogged with dust, grit, and debris, reducing performance and restricting airflow. To guarantee enough airflow and peak efficiency, homeowners should clean the air conditioner’s filters once a month and replace them as needed. In addition, regular coil cleaning for the condenser and evaporator aids in preventing accumulation and preserving effective heat exchange.

Check and Clean the Drainage System

A remanufactured air conditioner’s drainage system is essential to draining condensation and surplus moisture from the device. Water leaks and possible damage to the air conditioner may result from the drainage pan and pipes being blocked with debris, mould, and algae over time. In order to maintain appropriate drainage and avoid water accumulation, homeowners should routinely check their drainage system and clear any jams or obstructions. Algaecide tablets added to the drainage pan can also assist in preventing the formation of mould and algae, maintaining the system’s cleanliness and effectiveness.

Tighten and Inspect Electrical Connections

Electrical connection inspection and tightening are two more crucial repair air conditioning maintenance tasks. Electrical connections that are loose or rusted can cause voltage swings, overheating, and electrical failures, which can harm the components of the air conditioner. In order to detect wear, corrosion, or other problems, homeowners should visually inspect the electrical connections and wiring of the unit. If necessary, they should tighten any loose connections. Furthermore, arranging for routine professional inspections can assist in spotting possible electrical problems early on and resolving them.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

For the air conditioner to operate smoothly, minimise wear and tear, and reduce friction, the moving parts must be properly lubricated. In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, homeowners should oil the fan blades, motor bearings, and other moving parts of the remanufactured air conditioner. By using a premium lubricant made for HVAC systems, you may increase the longevity of the unit’s moving parts and avoid putting undue stress on the motor and fan assembly.

Plan for Regular Expert Maintenance

For daily upkeep, do-it-yourself projects are crucial, but arranging routine expert maintenance is just as crucial to guaranteeing the durability and functionality of a new air conditioner. Expert technicians with the knowledge, equipment, and training necessary to carry out thorough examinations, maintenance, and repairs to maintain the air conditioner operating at maximum efficiency. To resolve any problems and preserve the best possible performance from their recon air conditioning system, homeowners should arrange yearly or bi-annual maintenance visits with a certified HVAC expert.


In conclusion, properly maintaining a recon air conditioner is essential to extending its life and performance. By adhering to these maintenance guidelines, homeowners may prolong the life of their AC air conditioning unit and ensure it runs smoothly. Taking care of a refurbished air conditioner may help homes enjoy dependable cooling and considerable cost savings over time. This includes routine cleaning and filter replacement, expert maintenance scheduling, electrical connection inspection, lubrication of moving parts, and more.

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